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Unfortunately the last two years did not bring any new pictures in this section. First I just did not get any pictures from you and then also time lacked to look well after kaninchen-net at all. So these two years can be found on one page...

November 2005
Wiesia's friends Honey and Hudson are completely exhausted after searching for our telephone number.
September/October 2005
How wonderful, a self-service shop! Wiesia of course immediately wanted to copy the new achievement of Paula.
July/August 2005
Wiesia had her problems with the great heat in june. Just do not move!
June 2005
It seems like Chong dreams of great adventures on the sea. So he already readied his ship.
Captain Chong
May 2005
Every year we celebrate the birthday of Wiesia. And as always the small dill plant has no chance...
3rd birthday
April 2005
Seems to me, that Wiesia is not the only bunny that likes to sit on a high place. Also Benny has learned that sitting on a chair lets him be nearer to us humans.
Benny on the Chair
March 2005
I bet, that Sarah got what she wanted...
February 2005
When Wiesia saw this picture she immediately asked for a table of her own...
My Own Table
January 2005
We know that Christmas is over but we could not resist to present you this picture as picture of the month January.
Remembering Christmas

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