Picture of the Month

The year 2007 was much better than the two years before. For nearly every month I got a picture from you and also had the time to implement ist. Let's hope that this will be so also in the future!

December 2007
For us this picture shows exactly what Christmas is all about: love between all species, be it rabbit, dog or even human... High ime to remember this!
Feast of Love
November 2007
Tell me, could anybody resist to such a begging view? I am sure, Page got what he wanted...
Give me something!
September/October 2007
No, that is not Flurina! It is her new friend Pipkin, who - together with nine other rabbits - has good control over his human.
Not Flurina!
August 2007
A cool bath please! Piggy thought that it was just the right thing to lie in this cool bath tub during a hot summer day. And she is right for sure!
A Cool Bath
July 2007
We don't know what Bettie did before this picture was taken. But it must have been something very exhausting. Probably she had to adjust the cage to her needings.
Completely exhausted...
June 2007
The great heat is over for the moment but nevertheless there are just moments where Flurina has to take a good nap...
May 2007
Stopped By the Police! Seems like Schnuffel ran a bit too fast in the appartment. Or perhaps it was the other way round and the police-car was too fast?
Stopped By the Police
April 2007
This month shall be dedicated to a wonderful bunny that has left us: Paula, who als was presented as picture of the month in October 2005 has left us after a short illness and leaves a great hole behind.
Loving Memory
March 2007
And again a picture which shows how dear a good friendship can be: Mucki and Speedy love to sleep together
Two Good Friends
February 2007
Do you think dogs and rabbits don't work together? Don't tell Maja and Beerti as they don't know this and even share their goodies.
January 2007
New Year is a very busy and also loud time so it is not a surprise, that you have to take a nap in January.

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