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September, 19th 2008
At last the pictures of the month August and September are online. I apologize for the delay but work and school are taking my priorities...


June, 3rd 2007
The picture of the month June is online. As I did not get any picture from you Flurina has taken the place and represents the bunnies in our highlight of this month...


April, 29th 2007
The picture of the month May is online. Fortunately I received a picture. I am happy about every picture you send me so search your photo-archives and send me your bunny-pictures!


April, 7th 2007
There are new pictures from Flurina to look at! At last I have found the time to look through the great fundus of pictures and to encourage Flurina to comment them. You can see the results here.


February, 4th 2007
Last year the section "Picture of the month" was not active at all because of lack of pictures and time. Now it is reactivated and I hope to receive lots of rabbit pictures from rabbit friends all over the world!


January, 14th 2007
It took a lot of time and patience but now at last the movie page of Flurina - the new star of the movie scene - is not empty anymore. Curious? Just click here and enjoy the first little movie of the great actress!


November, 27th 2006
I managed at last to create cards of Flurina. So just select the picture you like most and send an e-card to your friends and family.


September, 15th 2006
The new design and with it the new pages of Flurina are at last online. I hope that you like it as much as the last one. If you want to vote which design of kaninchen-net you like best, look here.


August, 15th 2006
Flurina has moved into my appartment and insists that she wants to become a part of kaninchen-net. This wish I want to fullfil as quickly as possible!


July, 15th 2006
Wiesia has hopped over the rainbow bridge and has left behind a huge hole. She has accompanied me for four years and has given me much strength. Me and her friends will miss her very much!


January, 4th 2005
Erdbeert and Olli have new homepage. Visit them in their new home!
Then the picture of the month January is online. See it here.


Ocober 20th 2004
Because the domain had to be given up, Erdbeert and Olli are now part ot kaninchen-net. You can now find it here.


May 5th 2004
As we haven't received a picture from another bunny yet, we again published a new snapshot of Wiesia as picture of the month. If you have a great picture of your bunny feel free to share it with us!


April 18th 2004
In the section of Zosia (family tree) we added the family heraldic of her.


April 17th 2004
The movie section on Wiesia's homepage has been enriched with a movie showing her with her birthday gift.
The Web Rabbit Society has grown again. A heartily welcome to the Wackelnasen (Shaking Noses) and Anne and Kathrin.


April 8th 2004
The Web Rabbit Society continues to grow. Today we can welcome a new member and a new friend. Welcome Kaninchenchannel and Maurice!
We also found a new picture of the month. We appreciaty any picture that you send us!
Last but not least: we have found a new story about rabbits on the airport of Orly which you can find on the stories page.


March 19th 2004
The Web Rabbit Society can welcome a new member: the Kaninchen-Paradies. A heartily welcome to the club!


February 24th 2004
Today a small survey has gone online. Visitors have the possibility to vote which of the former designs of kaninchen-net (former is their favorite.


February 21st 2004
Another novelty on kaninchen-net: from now on visitors of kaninchen-net have the possibility to send us their best rabbit-photos. We monthly select the picture we like the best and publish it as picture of the month.


February 20th 2004
Wiesia has asked for it for a long time now, today we were able to accomplish it. New you can find a section "Friends" on her page, on which she presents her best friends Beerti and Helmi.


February 13th 2004
Normally Friday the 13th is not necessarily considered to be a lucky day. We nevertheless decided to present the new kaninchen-net on the internet. The new design is finished, the change in the structure hopefully a success an missing links a rarity. If you still encounter one, please feel free to contact us about it.


January 15th 2004
Well, even though the old design was't online for very long, we still decided to overhaul the pages of kaninchen-net again. This was also the opportunity to delete pages of little interest and to reorder the information a bit. So we decided to shorten the pages of Zosia a bit and put all her "professions" to our online-shop.

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