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Behind there are two rather dominant rabbits and their two subjects. Especially Zosia insisted on this hierarchy. On this page we want to present the four responsibles for The rabbits insisted - because the page is called kaninchen-net (rabbit-net) - to be portrayed first , below you can find the information about the humans.


Zosia in her own words:

Me - ZosiaI am (as already a lot of people know) a Freifrau (Baroness) of the race of Loh, a very noble kind of rabbit. I was born in a small village in the country near Bern, the capital of Switzerland (this I know from Réjeanne, whom I will introduce later on). As a natural priviledge for noble rabbits I was soon brought to my new residence here in Basel, a big city in Switzerland. As time and nobility brings, the two-room-appartment got too small with the time and I insisted that we move to a bigger one. We now still live in Basel, but the appartment now has three rooms and a lot of place to do my long distance trainings and binkies. I have already found my favorite places to meditate on new books, the meaning of life and when the next meal may be. I sometimes also make myself more comfortable by carrying straw to the places in the appartment, where I like to lie most or by digging on the thick towel, they have put there, until it fits my body really smoothly. The two only things I really have to complain about, is that I am not allowed (just imagine, that these humans dare to defend a baroness something!) to roam around at night as every rabbit likes to do and even worse, that I still am without male company. I still haven't found a nice Earl.


Wiesia in her own words:

WiesiaMy family tree isn't as impressive as the one of my predecessor Zosia but I am sure that also my family was very important in the past. At least in Swiss history nobody can oversee my family. Because: everybody knows the history of Wilhelm Tell!
I'm coming from inner Switzerland and as there are mountains in this part of our country I am a real good mountaineer. I love to sit on high places and to look at the world from above. Until now I really like the life with my humans, they really care for me. Especially the food is much more varied as with my first humans. First I was a bit sceptical with all these unknown treats as I didn't know any of them. But in the meantime I have discovered that these yoghourt drops are really very yummy! But not everything is as I would really like it. I have to complain about the same things as my predecessor: imprisoned during the night and not only this. I am even banned to the living room. And this with me, who likes to be with my humans so much! Then I don't have a male company. Even though I am confident that I would be the best rabbit mother!



Flurina in her own words:

WiesiaAs my predecessor Wiesia I am coming from the center of Switzerland and I think that this must be a good omen. This region of Switzerland must be a really good place for beautiful and intelligent rabbits. I am originating from the canton of Obwalden but unfortunately I cannot provide you with such an important ancestor as Wiesia. Even not think about such an impressive familiy tree as Zosia can present! But I am still content with what and who I am. Of course also I like to climb to higher levels as a real child of the mountains. But even more I like do dig myself in every possible (or impossible as says Réjeanne) hole that I can find. Probably that is an inheritance of my grandparents. They both were very successful in digging for minerals and even were able to make their living with it. Until now I like my new home, Réjeanne really tries hard to fullfill any wish I could have. In the moment she still thinks that she has to see that I don't eat too much because my first human told her that I was too heavy and a real "eating machine". And only because I am some grams too heavy! I insist in the fact that it is no fat but just muscles. And in the narrow cage it was also rather boring. Now I can run in the whole appartment and especially enjoy the excursions on the rather spacy balcony. We'll see if I manage - as did Wiesia in the end - that I don't have to spend the night in my cage. We rabbits from the center of Switzerland are known for our determination!


Réjeanne (with the words of Wiesia):

RéjeanneRéjeanne is the person, who has saved my from the cages of my breeder. It really was in high time as I learned that I was not completely conform to the standard of my race and this never means anything good. So I am really grateful for this so that I even forgive her when she only has little time for me. Well, she thinks that I really cannot complain, as she mostly works at home and so is here most of the time. And makes many breaks to pet me
Réjeanne is a complete Computer-Freak (but only Apple please!) and spends many hours a day in front of these boxes. And there are several of them here! She not only earns her money with it (no, not with Ebay!) but also in the evening she is in charge of kaninchen-net or is surfing the net. But she is also responsible that my litter boxes are always clean and dry. And this is very important for us rabbits! And her trousers are simply sensational! I could hop and climb on them for hours.

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