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On this page all the stories of rabbits we found in newspapers are presented. As well as other funny stories in which rabbits are very important. If you have such a story don't hesitate to send it to me at the following email address:

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The original stories were in German, so please excuse if they aren't in all points equal to the originals.

Dangerous arrest: Rabbit bit policeman

basel. During an arrest in an appartment in Basel a policeman has been bitten by a rabbit into his lower leg. The injured investigator had to have medical treatment in the local hospital. As the public prosecutor communicated yesterday the team of the cantonal police department of Basel visited the appartment because they presumed that a woman accused of theft was there. The door was opened by her life companion who declared that his girl friend was not in the appartment. But the policemen didn't believe him and still entered the appartment. During the search of the appartment in which several rabbits were running free one of the officials was attacked by one of the animals. The looked for woman was found by one of the policemen on the balcony where she hid unter a cover. (sda)
17th of august 2001

Animal archeologists

Rabbits make a historical discovery

With the help from animals archeologists in England found a property from the Middle Ages. The first hints of this apparently very important discovery were dug out by rabbits.

Coincidence has always been a good friend to archeologists - but only rather rarely it appeards in the figure of rabbits. But this exactly happened now in England: there an animal digging team has freed the remainings of a manorial country property from the Middle Ages. The property was found after rabbits have dug holes into a hill as the British radio station BBC communicated. At the place still kept in secrecy painted glas from the 14th century was found among other things. The English monumental office stated that it is a very important discovery.

Rabbit has become a star on the internet

Rodney, a British rabbit with hanging ears, has conquered a worldwide fan-club. Daily animal friends from Australia, China or America watch Rodney how he spends his days. As the "Daily Mail" reported, the eight month old rabbit owes this global excitement to the internet. When Clare Strafford from Manchester bought the rodent she installed a webcam at his cage at home. With this she also could watch him at work. But it looks like Clare wasn't the only one visiting the homepage of Rodney. Over time people from all over the world visited the website and now watch attentively Rodney and his preferred occupation: eating carrots, hopping around, cleaning his ears and especially sleeping.

Rabbit "Dory" saves the life of his human

London. The giant rabbit "Dory" has saved the life of his human Simon Steggall. The 42 year old diabetic fainted on his sofa in English Warboys, which his wife Vicky didn't notice.
After a report in the "Sun" only the rabbit was aware that something wasn't ok and excitedly jumped around on his breast which catched the attention of Vicky.
Vicky called the doctor who waked up the fainted. "My doctor told me that he has heard about cats and dogs acting like this but never about a rabbit", Simon told, apparently very impressed by his long-eared saver. (sda)

Airport Bunnies Head for Cote d'Azur

Aeroports de Paris, the company that runs the French capital's airports, announced on Thursday that it would remove troublesome bunnies from Orly Airport and gently transfer them to a new life in the sun-kissed south of France.

"The rabbit is reputed to be a cute and harmless animal but it is also a redoubtable rodent," Aeroports de Paris said in a press release outlining its scheme.

"If the rabbit population grows too much, the animals can gnaw through cables and their tunneling can undermine the edges of runways, taxiways and landing beacons."

Game wardens armed with ferrets and nets will fan out across the 850 hectares (2,125 acres) of grass and green spaces at Orly on Friday with the goal of capturing 150 rabbits and sending them to a new life in the sun.

Aeroports de Paris said its annual live cull, "conducted with scrupulous regard for the environment," has kept the airport's rabbit population at some 2,000 animals, compared with 10,000 in 1999.

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