Are you interested in how our homepage has evolved over the years? We have searched in our archives and have really found something. Especially for you we built the starting pages of the old pages so that they look exactly the same as before but don't contain any links anymore.

You can look at the different nostaligcal pages by clicking on the picture of it. As we didn't want to change the pages at all they are opened in a separate window. You can get back to the kaninchen-net by closing the new window.

Have fun!

New! Take part in a small survey and tell us, which design you liked most! Number 1 Our first try with html with which we wanted to make Zosia wellknown on the internet. The whole page was written in a text editor and was rather successful. Thanks to it we could meet Brulee. Number 2 The second page was already much more colorful. and because of using a html-editor we could even build rollover effects. With this page the story of the Web Rabbit Society started. Number 3 Here is our third try. We tried to copy the noble character of our dear bunny Zosia. And we did succeed rather well. Number 1 With the death of Zosia we had the feeling that we had to start something new. So fe started kaninchen-net and this of course ment a new design. This time we tried to work with popup menues. mit Klappmenüs mit sich. Number 2 In 2004 we thought that it would be time to overwhole the homepage again. Not only was the design of the first kaninchen-net homepage a bit too broad but it was also slow.

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