While we looked at the different designs that our homepage already beared, we got the idea to ask our visitors which outfit of (former was their favorite. We looked a long time until we found a possibility to achieve this and now we think we have found it. So select the design you like best and click on the button "Vote". 1 number 1

The very first homepage of Zosia. Simple but clearly arranged. 2 number 2

The second homepage of Zosia was very colourful, the Web Rabbit Society and Alex' gallery made their first steps. 3 number 3

A noble design was the characteristic of the third generation of Exactly the right outfit for our noble rabbit lady! 1 number 1

For the first entry of we worked for the first time with layers. The tracks should make clear, what the page was all about: rabbits of course! 2 number 2

Also the second design of works with layers. The whole page was not only redesigned on the surface but also the content was rearranged. 3 Number 3

We still work with frames and also the titles were taken from the old design. We changed the navigation which is now a little bit more simple.


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