Welcome Kaninchen-Net!

Kaninchen-net is a homepage on which we want to share our love for rabbits - especially our own - as pets.

We were allowed to spend eight and a half years with our first rabbit Zosia. She is responsible that you can find this page on the internet. Out of a very small page - written entirely by hand in a text editor - the project became a rather big business. More subjects were covered, the Web Rabbit Society was founded and even an Online-Shop and virtual postcards were added.

When Zosia died after a bad illness we had to decide what to do with the homepage. We decided to keep it going: under the name kaninchen-net.ch she and her successor Wiesia want to give joy to many people on this planet.

In the meantime also Wiesia has left me after a - fortunately - short time of suffering. But as it goes I could not live long without a rabbit anf so it is now up to Flurina to conquer the hearts of the internet community after she managed to do this with mine in no time.

As I would have had to rebuild the homepage anyway to give Flurina the place she deserves I decided to change also the optical appearance once again. Most of the pages were converted to the new design without any changes only the pages of Wiesia were changed to take into account the new situation and the gallery was dropped in favour of Flurina.

Have lot of fun in the new kaninchen-net!

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