Picture of the Month

In the year 2004 this section was started on kaninchen-net.ch and as you can see for yourself we got many beautiful pictures. An even though we now have a new year we didn't want to hide them from you.

December 2004
Beerti has a new companion which Wiesia does not really like. After all she had some hopes...
Wiesia's Rival
November 2004
Diddlina seems to love roses. This is a small enlightment of the dark days in November.
October 2004
Hudson loves Brulee above all and shows this by cleaning her paws.
September 2004
Looking at this picture I wish to be able to lie beside them and dreaming along.
Sleeping with Music
August 2004
We received this picture from a visitor on our homepage. A typical picture of a bunny: curious and at the same time just cute!
What's up, Doc?!
July 2004
A member of the WRS asked us if a picture of him would be published as picture of the month. Of course!
What are you looking at?
June 2004
Of course the best friend of Wiesia has to appear in the gallery: Beerti
What are you looking at?
May 2004
This is what Wiesia likes most: lying between our feet and dream of Beerti
Between Our Feet
April 2004
This is what it looks like when rabbits enjoy spring
Spring Feelings
February / March 2004
To start the gallery of the pictures of the month we have chosen something special: Wiesia's Schubertiade

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