In Memory of Wiesia

Much too eary - in the age of not quite 4 and a half years - Wiesa has left this world on 15th of July 2006. She has left a big hole and I comfort myself with the knowledge that she did not have to live long in pain and that she will remain in my heart for ever. And when I see a sunflower I remember the sunshine that Wiesia brought into my life.

Wiesia had the hard mission to fill the big hole that her predecessor Zosia has left. This mission she fulfilled without any problems. She always reminded us on the funny things Zosia did and made the memories of beautiful moments very vivid.

I am thankfull for the much too short time that Wiesia spent with us. Her presence in the kaninchen-net shall keep the memory of this wonderful rabbit alive.

What can you find on the pages of Wiesia?

In memory of her very refreshing way to express herself and present herself and the world, we left the commentaries of Wiesia as they were.

And of course we are still proud of the fact that Wiesia was Rabbit of 2003!