Wiesia's Friends: Beerti

Zosia isn't the only one who met real friends on the internet. In the meantime Wiesia too was lucky to meet really great bunnies.

Her best friend certainly is Beerti, the "successor" of Olli, who introduced her so well to the world of the humans. Later she passed on her knowledge to Beerti. And she wanted to tell you a known secret: she revelled for this sweet little lop! Then you will also find:

Of course also Brulee and Hudson are friends of Wiesia, you can find the pictures and the corresponding comments on the pages of Zosia. After all she has known them much longer than Wiesia have!

To look at a picture in its original size and read a short comment click on the preview. We hope you will enjoy the litte selection!

On the Lap Little Prince In the Air
On the Sofa Dinner Sweet Bunny

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