Wiesia's Movies

My humans own a digital film camera for about two years now and already Zosia was filmed from time to time. These five short movies can be found on the video cassette "Zosia in Action", if we have time, we will make these movies also fit for the web. But in the meantime you can find here some movies my humans have made from me. They spent a lot of time with editing. To watch a movie just click on the picture.

Attention! To watch the movies you need QuickTime. If you don't have it installed you can download it here.
Please note that the movies will first download completely before they start to play.

Christmas 2002 Watch me how I spent my first christmas.

Duration: ca. 5'31"
File size: 7.2 MB

Tango with Rudi But not only during christmas is a very interessing time for me. I like to play with Rudi, a strange pet my humans bought for me. But look for yourself!

Duration: ca. 9'10"
File size: 6.3 MB

Birthday 2004 Another holiday I really like is my birthday (I am still young after all!). In this movie you can watch what my humans presented me as a gift.

Duration: ca. 7'13"
File size: 10.2 MB