Willkommen bei Freifrau Zosia

Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to our dear old lady Freifrau Zosia von und zu Loh, geborene Braun on 9th october 2002. She hopped over the rainbow bridge after a rather strenuous year for her. To keep alive the memory of this great rabbit which enriched our life many years, we decided to integrate her homepage in the internet presence of kaninchen-net.ch. The most noble rabbit on the internet

What you can find on her site:

  • Many pictures of her and her friends. These pages are really worth a visit, especially as we made sure, that they can be downloaded quickly.
  • Zosia was very busy . So she founded a publishing office, but she was also interested in music and software. And even founded a movie production office. You can find more information here.
  • Many people have asked us why we knew that we have a noble bunny in our family. Zosia didn't want hese doubts to persist and started to study her family tree. Read all about a really adventurous family history.
In memory of her very refreshing way to express herself and present herself and the world, we left the commentaries of Zosia as they were.