Willkommen in der Web Rabbit Society!


The founder of the Web Rabbit Society hopped over the rainbow brodge in october 2002. We decided to keep the Web Rabbit Society running as a rather great community has emerged with time. And we didn't want to destroy this all. We left the description of the links of existing WRS-Mitglieder unchanged in the memory of Freifrau Zosia. For the new links Wiesia has taken the job to describe the pages.

The death of Zosia has shown us, that all things must pass. With this on our mind we went through the whole list of links and joined all memorial pages of late WRS-members on a separate rainbow bridge page. These links are found here.

What Is The WRS

The Web Rabbit Society is a loose union of rabbits that are present on an own homepage in the internet. It absolutely doesn't matter, how complex and big the site is. Also if only a part of a page is entirely dedicated to the rabbit, it is entiteled to register. All webrabbits are heartily welcome!

What Does The WRS Offer Me

As the whole page is administrated and updated in my spare time (and with a noble rabbit lady that has only limited access to the Mac this is very rare) the offered priviledges are very limited. (Unfortunately page access is free in the internet else I could have given you a large rebate!) Basically the Web Rabbit Society is a collection of links to other rabbit pages but it is commentated. That means that I will visit the page of the interested rabbit and will write a short description to every link. I think that this will make the referenced homepages more attractive, as the surfer knows what he is heading for and is therefore more willing to download the site.
To make WRS more attractive, members have now the possibility to send me up to two pictures of themselves which are published here alongside with the link.

What Does The WRS Cost Me

The membership in the Web Rabbit Society doesn't cost you anything. But if it's possible you should place a link on your page that leads surfers to my entry page (as chairman I think I am entiteled to this priviledge). I would also like, if you placed a WRS logo somewhere on your page. As we don't have an ftp-server, you have to download it with your browser (just click on it and save it as a graphic to your hard drive).

How Do I Become A Member

Nothing is easier than that! Just press the button "Registration" on the left, fill in the appearing form and submit it with the corresponding button or send us an email with your name (rabbit) and the name of your human servant. Don't forget to write down the address of your homepage! I will then visit your site and place the link with my comments in my list of links on the Web Rabbit Society page. It is in your responsability to place the link to my homepage and, if you like to, also the WRS logo on your page.

The address for the link is: http://www.kaninchen-net.ch

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