Our Online-Shop

The little offer of Zosia's books has received such a great attention over all the world (it doesn't come as a surprise, as she was the only literary active rabbit we know of!), so we decided to make ordering them a bit easier for you. That was the birth of this little shop where you can find Zosia's books and fill in a simple order form to get them.

On this pages we will give you an overview of her works and also a look into the future. We are still trying to find somebody that can translate the thrillers Zosia wrote together with her friend Olli!. As there couldn't be found a publisher for a book written by a rabbit we had to get active by ourselves and founded the now wellknown publishing house Drops, Drops & Drops, which has its office in Basel.

To the different books you can get by using the links on the left of the page. For even more information you can click on the picture of the book to show you even a small appetizer.

New! We want to offer also some of the films of the Zosia Star Movies productions in this shop. As the television formats are different in the world they are only available as DVDs. And: we cannot guarantee that they work on your system.

This little shop is only a small hobby of ours and so the prices only cover the costs of production and sending fees. So far we haven't made it accessible for creditcard paying. But if the demand affords it, we will reconsider this decision. So far the paying happens the old postal way: money in a letter and off it goes.

But now we don't want to delay you any further but invite you to read and watch the small appetizers. An order would really please me. Please be patient if the delivery lasts some days.