Welcome to the homepage of Flurina!

Sali mitenand! Uum, well yes, I should probably switch to English, the internet is international after all!

My name is Flurina and since august 15th 2006 I am the new companion of Réjeanne. As successor of Wiesia my mission is to help Réjeanne over the big hole that my predecessor has left. But I know, that I am already good on track, Réjeanne has already fallen in love with me. (honestly is this not a matter of course when you look at me?) and would not want to be without me anymore.

But probably I should first introduce myself a bit. so that you know whom you have to deal with. I think these pages will be a very good platform to do this. I am reallly proud to be part of kaninchen-net and look forward to all the new acquaintances that I will certainly make over the internet.

On my homepage you will find:

I hope that you like these pages. If you have some proposals then you can write to my secretary and webmaster Réjeanne.