My Movies

When Réjeanne showed me the movies of Wiesia and her adventures I knew that I also wanted to have movies made of me. We already have some material but it will take it's time until it is cut and finished. Réjeanne also said that it was not enough material until now and that we had to take some more. Well, I am not against it and want her to take the camera and film!

Unfortunately it took a bit longer than pretended but now at last you can watch a little movie starring me. And I will try everything that it will not remain the last one. After all I am not only a beautiful bunny on pictures but also very attractive in a movie. But look for yourself it really is worth your time!

Attention! To watch the movies you need QuickTime. If you don't have it installed you can download it here.
Please note that the movies will first download completely before they start to play.

Christmas 2002 Every sunday we have a lot to do as always on sunday my cage is cleaned. And of course I know my duty and help as good as I can.

Duration: ca. 6'04"
File size: 8.3 MB

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