Meine Bilder

Time has passed and I am now here with Réjeanne for a little more than half of a year - and I still like to be with her by the way - and so the fundus of pictures has slowly grown. And it is just enough for a new page with pictures from me. Hmpf, Réjeanne just insists that it is not true, that there are lots of pictures from me. If she believes in herself...

By the way: if you want to look at the old pictures you can still look at them by clicking on the arrow at the bottom.

To look at a picture with a small comment of mine just click on the thumbnail. Have fun!

Bach Flower Remedies Expert Hay from the Mountains In a Basket Fresh Greens
What's This? Giving a Hand with Cleaning Giving a Hand in the Household Well Protected
Portrait Om Climbing Bunny Tea Time
Webmaster Playing Little Nap Exhausted